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  • Current Series: Jesus Among Others Faiths

    Anyone can love their family and friends, but what does it look like to love people from different backgrounds, traditions, religions, and races?

    In this series, Jesus Among Other Faiths, we are going to explore two things. First, how do people from other faith traditions see Jesus, and what do they think of the Christian's claims about Him? Second, how can we show the love of Jesus to those who disagree with us about the person of Jesus?

    This series will both help us understand our neighbors better and learn how to demonstrate the love of Jesus to them.
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  • Love the Rock 2014

    Join hundreds of volunteers next month as we work together to bless the city of Round Rock.

    Projects are available for every skill level and age!
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  • The Final Stretch

    We are so close to having the land for the new home of Hill Country Round Rock purchased and we need your help!

    Donations are accepted online via The City, through the mail or in person. Help us finish well and own this piece of property - debt-free!
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  • Welcome to HCBRR!

    We are a FAMILY of believers and we welcome you to join us each Sunday as we worship at the CHASCO YMCA in Round Rock, TX.

    Identical services are held at 9am and 10:45am. Dress is casual and children of all ages are encouraged to attend.

    Enjoy your visit and call us at (512) 255-9977 for more information or to ask questions.
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Respond - A Permanent Home

respond1 336It's an exciting time to be part of Hill Country Round Rock! We are well on our way to purchasing the land for our permanent home in Round Rock, Texas. Find out how YOU can be a part of this journey!


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