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  • The Treasure Principle

    The Bible says many things about money - not just that we should give it away. It challenges us to adapt a new view of money, a new use of money, and a new strategic plan for managing what God has given us.

    This series is designed to give you a helpful overview of the financial principles found in Scripture. Take this opportunity to listen to sermons each week and get involved with a small group to allow the Spirit of God to change your life through His people and His Word.
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  • Welcome to HCBRR!

    We are a FAMILY of believers and we welcome you to join us each Sunday as we worship at the CHASCO YMCA in Round Rock, TX.

    Identical services are held at 9am and 10:45am. Dress is casual and children of all ages are encouraged to attend.

    Enjoy your visit and call us at (512) 255-9977 for more information or to ask questions.
  • Why We Sing

    Why do we gather every week to sing God’s praises? What makes God so special that He deserves and requires our worship? For many of us, we go through the motions of giving God praise, but our hearts are not in it. The Bible warns us against empty worship – saying the right words, going through the right movements, but having affections that are far from God.

    This year at HCBC-RR, we are asking God to help us keep our eyes on the eternal. So much in our line of sight competes for our worship. But the Bible says again and again that nothing in the created world compares with the greatness and glory of God. When we lift our eyes to the eternal, we are ultimately lifting our eyes to the Eternal One – God Himself.
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